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Primul Guest-post in limba engleza de pe blogul meu. Este despre Norvegia (Norway) si este scris de un fost coleg de la sociologie, Andrei. Va las sa va delectati cu articolul sau. For english readers: use google translate :))

Hello everybody, I’m Andrei and I am glad that I get the opportunity to write my thoughts in this newspaper. Yesterday there have been two months since I came to Norway and time passes quickly. Even though two months is not a long time, I can say, I experienced so many things that I could write a book. But before I’ll get to write a book about Norway and become more famous than Paolo Coelho, I’ll try to summarize my feelings on this page.

In the first part I want to talk about how I felt in Norway in the first two months, and in the second part, I like to share my first impressions that I have made about your country. Those months spent here so far were not very difficult nor too easy. There were many pleasant events but were some  unpleasant events too, because in life nothing is perfect.

For me the hardest part was the first and the second week, because I was alone among strangers and I did not know anyone and it was very strange feeling. Everywhere I looked I saw new faces who seemed to look at me weird. For a moment I thought this project really does not suit me because I am a person who communicates a lot, and here I felt abandoned and isolated. Fortunately the situation changed when I started to know people better. Most people at PMF behaved very nice to me and tried to make me feel welcomed and tried to make me adapt to Norwegian style of life. Now I think everything is fine and I can do my job well as with students and teachers from PMF all together. I am aware that I have a lot to learn here (especially language), but I think I have a lot to offer as well.

How about Norway and Norwegians in general I have seen good things but also things less good. I want to start with the good things and to say I’m impressed that most people are very honest here. They do not like to cheat and they try the best to follow the rules even if those rules are strange sometimes. Another good part is the landscape of Norway. Everything is so beautiful and the air is very clean. Low temperatures are not a problem for me because in Romania in winter is as cold as here.

What I do not like here is the language that people use it sometimes. Even though most of the time most people I’ve met have behaved with me, sometimes the language they use is very direct and often seems rude.  But I think these cultural differences are inevitable, so I have to adapt. But if you look from the other side, maybe people here think about me  that I talk too much, too loud and maybe I am sometimes stressful for them. Eventually I think we will follow the middle path. :))  In closing I would like to thank everyone who was sympathetic with me and helped me in these two months. And I hope that all will be well in the end.

PS:  „One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one. ”  (Unknown)




                                                                                                Andrei Constantin Tuţu



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