English article: training in Brasov. Participants.

Hello everyone. This is my first english article on this blog. I know my english is not ok, I’m sorry for this, but I hope you will forgive me for this and you will understand what I want to say.

Here I want to say a few words about everyone. I know that I will generate some disscusions, but that’s the idea of blogging: to generate debates. One mention: I will put only first name because I don’t want someone to find this article after a google search of his or her name.

As a general impression the group was very nice and open-minded. I felt very good there and I want to meet again all of you (in this group or individual).

And now I will begin in a very nationalist way with people from Romania:

1. I will begin with Victoria, “the boss”. She is a very good girl, but she has a big problem with what we call anger management. Victoria could do a lot of things with a more diplomatic attitude. Anyway I still have a good opinion about her. And for those who hate her I have good news: she lost her flight again when she was going back to London. Again means it was the fourth time in two years. Yeah, you can enjoy the money she had lost. One last thing: about Victoria I wrote several times, but the most important article is this. It’s in Romanian.

2. Oana is a good girl. I felt really sorry because of that incident and because she left. I wanted to stay, but she preffered to leave. I don’t blame her, but I would have appreciated her more if she had remained. If I were in her place, I would have remained. Nonetheless  she is a very good trainer. She has talent in that.

  1. Same discussion with Alexandra. I know her sincer 2011, when I met her in a Summer School at Rasnov (the first live meet with Victoria). I have a very good opinion about her and I hope she will not be mad at me. Yes, if I were in her place, I would have stayed (same thing that I’ve said about Oana).

4. Ana-Maria is the fourth girl involved in that dispute. And I appreciate her sincerely for not leaving that day. As we say on facebook: big like for Ana. Or a big plus, as in Google Plus. I know her sincer 2011 also, but I’ve met her on another Summer School, at Costinesti. I was already having a good opinion about her but after that incident my opinion improved. Yes, she had the strength to overcome the incident. And she even slept  in the same room with Victoria. One last thing: about Ana-Maria I’ve written an article long time ago. But this article is also in romanian.

To end this subject: I want to be in good terms with all of them, if it’s possible of course.

  1. Next one is Bogdan Mandru. About him only one thing: he is a good guy, but he is too quiet. I don’t know, I prefer a more talkative man.

6. Andrei Ciobanu (Andrew) is a good friend of mine. He was my colleague and I have a good opinion about him. He was a kind of Romanian group leader (and a global leader). He deserves his name Ciobanu (Shepherd). He is very good as „human GPS” 🙂 And he speaks english very well (from romanian participants he was the best ). In the end 2 articles about him (in romanian of course): here and here.

  1. Next is the other Andrei (Andrew) – Andrei Hagherlacher. He is a nice and clever guy but he needs a little bit more courage. He is not an antisocial guy as it seems firstly. He needs more groups activities. As someone observed, at the end of the traing he was a little bit changed. And in a good way.

8. Adrian (Emanuel) – another romanian group leader, but he arrived later. Very good skills of leading other people. And a very social man. And yes, he is the vicepresident of our NGO – Connections.

9. Doru Dirjan is a very clever and patient man. He doesn’t stands out more, but he has also skills of a good trainer. His cool attitude is contagious, so it is useful to have a man like him in the group.

  1. The last guy from Romania’s team is Daniel Iosif. He is a good guy even though he is sometimes a little bit arrogant. I hope I will meet again him in the near future.

Irina is in a different category. She is from Republic of Moldova. Ok, a lot of people consider moldovanian people as romanian, but official she is in a another country. About her only good things: a very nice and funny person. She promised that she will come in Bucharest soon.  I owe her something because I forgot to buy her some romanian traditional drink (tuica). Yeah, I must make it up to her.

Now let’s talk about turkish people:

  1. I will begin with one of the funniest persons in this training, Buse. A really funny person and a really good friend. She calls me „my hawaiian friend”. And she promised me that she will be my guide in Turkey. Unfortunately I will refuse an offer to visit Instanbul. You know, Instanbul is not really safe now.

  2. Second funniest person is Aylin. A really nice person too. She is very good friend with Buse, the are room-mates in Izmir (and colegues too).  Nice and also smart girl (blondes are stupid only in jokes).

3. MIRAY is the third in turkish girl group. Unfortunately I didn’t socialize too much with her, but she is a nice and funny girl too.

4. Melike is the 4th one. She looked the most serios one in the group. I was in the same group with her for the final project. She was some kind of a group leader. Has a good english and in my opinion she will be a very good teacher (and a very good trainer). Good Job Melike.

5. Barbaros is a nice guy. Ok, he deosn’t know how to play backgammon („table”), but I forgive him. Very good team-mate. And that kind of man that you need in your phone-book.

  1. The last but not the least: Ferah, turkish group leader. She was girls’ teacher in Izmir. A very good teacher, that kind of teacher that we call „modern” and „open minded”. She has a lovely daughter, Lale, who speaks english very well (she is 6 years old).

Now let’s go to greek people:

  1. First one is Dionysia, greek group leader. A very nice person and a very hopping one. She helped Maria a lot and she didn’t look like she was uncomfortable with that.

2. Maria is a very good and ambitious girl. I appreciate her a lot for her courage. She is blind, but she wants to go in different places and to meet a lot of people. We all can learn from her. Ok, in first instance I wass a little bit downcast when I heard that she’s blind. But when I saw her ambition I began to aprecciate her more and more. Please somebody read to her this article.

  1. I will continue with two girls: Panagiota and Danai. They looked like undivided (yes, they are a couple). Two good girls, I have a very good opinion about them. I promised them (and to all people) that when I visit their country I will contact them.

4. Barbara is the last greek girl. She has so much sense of humor  and she is a nice girl too. Unfortunately I haven’t talked to her so much. But my opinion about her is very good.

5. Asterios  is a very nice guy. He knows how to have fun and he is a very good friend. I want to meet him again one day. And I hope that day is not that far.

  1. The last but not the least: Gogi. He was some kind of informal leader (and formal after Dionysia left one day earlier). He is a very good friend of Asterios and I hope I will meet him again too. He taught me how to say „nata nata” (I hope I wrote corectly). She also knows how to have fun. Really good opinion about him.

Now I will show you the picture with impressions from all of them(everybody wrote aboute everybody):


Some people left earlier and they don’t have this paper. Sorry for them. I will keep this picture in my memory drawer.

Thank you all. And lots of excuses for lateness. This is my first english article. And now I prepare to go tu Antalya-Turkey. Wish me luck (is 13th …).

See you all 🙂 And compliments from Romania 🙂

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